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6: {Story Time} Is it Fear of Failure or ACTUALLY Fear of Success?

September 19, 2022 Sonya MacCrimmon Episode 6
Life Redefined
6: {Story Time} Is it Fear of Failure or ACTUALLY Fear of Success?
Show Notes

In this episode, I break down these two concepts, but more from my personal experience and how this came up for me. It really hit home for me so much when I was listening in to Kacia's podcast, EmpowerHER, where she explains what fear of success is and how it can show up. It just blew my mind and gave me a lot of realizations about the way I was interpreting fear of failure, but more importantly, what fear of success actually is.

Hopefully this episode can shed some light on this for you too so that you can pinpoint if it is fear of failure or rather, fear of success... or heck, maybe a bit of both? And I'd LOVE to hear from you about which one resonates most for you, so send me a DM on Instagram to keep this conversation going! Who knows, maybe it'll be expanded into another episode, so let's connect to dive deeper!

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