Life Redefined

7: Three Factors to Help Build a Supportive Morning Routine

September 26, 2022 Sonya MacCrimmon Episode 7
Life Redefined
7: Three Factors to Help Build a Supportive Morning Routine
Show Notes

In today's episode, I break down 3 POWERFUL places to start when it comes to building a strong AND supportive morning routine. I say 'supportive' because this isn't meant to be something that you feel you "SHOULD" be doing or that you "HAVE" to do it because everyone and their grandma is doing it. This episode is here to shed light on ways to build something that is truly Supportive (capital S!) for YOUR life and what works for YOU!

Dropping all the rules here and gaining your power back in how you want to create a nourishing and actually EXCITING morning routine - who knew! hahah It really CAN BE simple, fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

Listen in to here the 3 key factors that can be extremely beneficial to support you and the routine you want to create for yourself. And oh yea -- BONUS strategies are provided for each key factor too because ya gurl was just flowin and couldn't help it haha.

ENJOY BOO!!! And come share with me on IG so that I can celebrate your new routines with you!!! <3

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