Life Redefined

18: Exciting Life Update & Calling Your Shot!

December 12, 2022 Sonya MacCrimmon Episode 18
Life Redefined
18: Exciting Life Update & Calling Your Shot!
Show Notes

EXCITING LIFE UPDATE LOVES!!! This is the biggest "inside look" of my life & brain that I've ever shared. I walk you through some really powerful reflections of my own journey over the past 2 years and learning to call my shot along the way. Being able to step OUT of the cookie cutter way of living, to step OUT of my comfort zone, and to step INTO my biggest dreams... is all in this episode.

Learning to call my shot & say YES to ME has created ripple effects in my life I never expected and it has been  a wild ride to say the least! I am SO excited for you to tune into this episode and take away some amazing nuggets for yourself to call YOUR shot!

Love you so big! Let's friggin gooooo!

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